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Our South Florida based business specializes in residential and commercial pressure washing services. Family owned and operated, we place emphasis on outstanding customer service. Our personal values are based on our Christian faith. We value integrity, hard work, attention to detail, and a friendly and professional attitude.

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My Driveway Has Never Looked So Good.

Excel Pressure Washing workers did an excellent job of cleaning and disinfecting my driveway and sidewalks. They were on time and the cost was reasonable. They worked around my schedule and the results are beautiful- all the dirt and mold is gone. Highly recommended.


Excel did 10 buildings in my HOA. The whole neighborhood was pleased and it looks like a brand new place with all the buildings and the roofs clean! They did a great job communicating with me so I could communicate to the residents.

Meghan Parnell


Tim is by far one of the most stand-up guys in the business I’ve ever had the pleasure to work alongside. Few business owners go as far as Tim does to make sure his customers are happy with every aspect of the job he is hired to do. His job communication is excellent and his ability to work with others is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Commercial or residential I wouldn’t think twice about hiring Tim for any scope of work he offers. Definitely 5 stars.

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Do you have a dilapidated, old-looking building? Did Mother Nature target your structure and viciously attack it like a starving, carnivorous alligator? Are you growing enough mold on the outside of your home that your basement is jealous? Do you need a house wash Palm Beach FL? Good news! We are here to help! Did Mother Nature decide that she was going to unleash a reign of terror onto the exterior of your home? That’s where we come in. We offer cleaning services Palm Beach FL!

Welcome to Excel Pressure Washing. We are a power player when it comes to Pressure Washing Palm Beach FL; a dominating force to help you protect your home and business from the vicious tortures Mother Nature can repeatedly cultivate. We have the coveted magic wand that is imperative to expertly erase the years, maybe even decades of random, violent torture that Mother Nature has nonchalantly unleashed onto your vulnerable structure. Stop letting Mother Nature unleash her vicious tortures on your vulnerable structure now! Call us today for pressure washing Palm Beach FL.

Daily, seawater evaporates into the air and the winds carry a small amount of salt with it. Seaspray not only influences plant growth, but the salts, organic matter, and various minerals in the sea spray can increase corrosion of the building materials on the exterior of your home and business. This debris is then carried by the wind for miles inland. The salt in the air is excellent for your delicate skin, but our precious homes and businesses do not get the same benefit from the effects of the salt. Salt will destroy a structure in a short amount of time. Cleaning surfaces on the outside of your home or business can and will improve the durability and longevity of your structure.

Do you need pressure washing Palm Beach County? No worries! We are here to save the day and your vulnerable structure. Once our team of experts has finished with your structure, you will not believe the difference. You will see new life brought forth. Call us today for your pressure wash Florida!

Oceanic microorganisms can do a number on the exterior of your commercial building. Many of these buildings are constructed from brick. Bricks are a very porous building material. Even though brick is strong and solid, its porous construction allows deep water penetration. With heavy rains viciously pounding against a brick wall, it will take only about two hours for the water to soak through. Within that rain are microorganisms and various oceanic minerals that will continue to sit on your commercial structure until you call us to remove it. Oceanic microorganisms and various molds and mildews that can grow on exterior surfaces will stain the exterior. As mildew and mold are provided with more moisture, they will continue to grow and fester, until before you know it, your building has seemed to age by decades in a short amount of time. The longer the mildew and mold are permitted to stay on the exterior surface, the damage will continue to fester, and bigger problems will arise. The longer you wait, the more intense the damage can become. Those small damages can lead to additional damages in the future if you continue to postpone the cleaning of the exterior.

Perception is everything and seeing is believing. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our performance. Our safe, efficient techniques will protect the vulnerable structural integrity of any surface we are cleaning. We guarantee a top-quality job. You can expect a quick response to all requests. We are your go-to for Florida pressure washing.

Because certain exterior materials respond better to different types of processes and chemicals, our home and business specialists are expertly trained to know which chemical and or treatment is best for not only your specific building material, level of buildup, but also the amount of residue on that surface. Concrete is a more durable material, therefore can handle a different chemical than a wooden exterior. The wrong chemical on your surface could lead to costly damages. Using the wrong chemical on your home or business could be as catastrophic as using cooking oil in the engine of your vehicle. Just as not all types of oils are the same, not all chemicals for the exterior of your home or business are the same either. Our dependable, environmentally safe techniques will help protect the structural integrity of any surface we are cleaning.

Why Excel Pressure Washing? The real question is why not? We guarantee a top-quality, 5-star job. You can always expect a quick response to all requests. We offer a line of environmentally friendly chemicals, as well as specialty chemicals that could be needed, based on your specific needs. Better chemicals promote a job that can be done safely, effectively, and with less pressure, reducing the possibility of damages. We have the latest equipment to expertly clean even the toughest of stains on your home, business, patio, or roof. We have competitive rates and proven results. Our home and business specialists will bring back your curb appeal and help satisfy your HOA or city requirements.

When Mother Nature decides to release its unforgiving terrors onto the exterior of your home or business, give us a call at (561) 427-3070. We can and will help undo the years of damages caused by the relentless and uncompassionate environmental challenges.

Did you know that your home is consistently exposed to dirt, grime, moisture, insects, wildlife, and many other unpreventable and often unseen dangers? Living in the Palm Beach, FL area, your home is continuously violated with deposits containing residue from the Atlantic Ocean. This residue can include salt and other oceanic minerals as well as living microorganisms. Salt can be critically destructive to a home. It can leave a film on your windows, making it difficult to see through. It can destroy the paint on the exterior of your home, forcing you to spend additional money to maintain and repair your home. Being in a high humidity area such as Palm Beach FL, this humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth. These year-round dangers can ruin the quality and value of your home. Our Palm Beach pressure washing team can help tear down the walls of dirt and residue and build up your home’s value back to where you want it to be, maybe higher.

When your car gets dirty from all of the dust, sea salt, and various other secretions of nature, you wash it. But what about when the exterior of your home gets dirty? You can’t just drive it to an automatic house wash, push a couple of buttons and have some fancy cloth brushes and soap sprayed onto your home. So, what do you do when your home’s exterior is dirty? You call us for all things power washing Palm Beach FL! You take pride in your home. You have worked hard to make it YOUR home. Let us take pride in your home and help you erase some of the effects left by harsh oceanic residue.

Protecting your home and family with routine preventative maintenance is the single most effective way to guard your home investment and your family’s health. Routine maintenance will help protect your investment, and on average, could add an extra 10-15% additional value to your home. Let our specialists help you protect your investment. Our house cleaning Palm Beach FL experts will lovingly and efficiently clean the exterior of your home allowing you to rest easy, knowing you are protecting what is most important to you – your family and your home.